Why interstate removal companies prefer to provide a fixed price quote

In case you’re moving to a new home or you just want to relocate across the borders, you will need to consider various factors. Among the factors you’ll consider is the cost as well as terms and conditions of services offered by a removal company. You’ll most likely compare the cost of various interstate removalists before choosing the interstate removal company that meets your needs, this may be the most cost effective, most professional, one that helps you pack or one that guarantees you convenience.

If you ask for a removals quote from many of the interstate removals, you’ll find out that many often would like to provide you with a fixed price quote. Even if they have other pricing options like per hour or per day, they would still prefer a fixed price quote. Like many other people, you must be asking yourself why they tend to do so.

Below are some of the reasons why:

To get a full load on their truck

Many interstate removalists companies calculate their quotes based on how much space in cubic metres the move requires in their trucks. So if a customer is looking for a Sydney to Brisbane removalist, there are often many cases that a truck can go from Sydney to Brisbane with a full load but on the return trip the truck is in fact quite empty from Brisbane to Sydney.

Transport companies are often encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint and that is the reason why they may offer a backloading services on the return trip because it reduces their carbon footprint as well it is a Win-Win for both the customer and the transporter. By offering a cheaper fixed price quote, the customers are happy to take up the offer and for the removal company they are happy by filling up their trucks on the return trip while still making some money on their return rather than driving back on an empty load and costing the company money instead.

To promote professionalism

Providing a fixed price makes interstate removalists look more attractive to customers. Customers always believe that removalists that charge per hour don’t have their best interest at heart but just want to idle around as long as possible so that they waste time to make the customer pay more. The customers believe that a removalist that provides a fixed price quotation will handle goods more professionally and will get the work done in the shortest time possible without compromising the quality of service. For that reason, interstate movers would sum up all the expenses and give you a fixed price quote.

To help customers budget for removals

When you want to relocate to another state, you need to budget for the whole process and when a removal company charges you per hour, it’s hard to predict how much you will pay. Unlike with a fixed price quote, you can precisely budget and know in black and white exactly the amount you have to pay. Great interstate removal companies try to place themselves in the situation of the customer’s perspective and that’s why they prefer to offer fixed prices in order to attract you. Therefore, this is done purely to get more customers since what they do is add the total amount of money you should pay per hour and include any other expense that they might incur then calculate the total.

To block you from taking an active role in the exercise

When you’re charged on hourly basis, you can help in packing, loading and offloading but that will reduce the amount of money you’ll pay to a removals company. That’s why many interstate movers prefer providing fixed quotes so that their trained professionals can take full control of the process. In that way, you’ll pay the full amount because you won’t do anything to reduce the cost.

Taking Action On Climate Change

The topic of climate change is increasingly becoming more and more of a concern as we continue to witness how catastrophic the consequences may be if we do not act in the next decade to combat climate change.

We are seeing more frequent natural disasters such as floods, volcanic activities, earthquakes, extreme heat waves that cause a whole lot of bushfires during summer and not to mention the affects that this has on the ocean including warmer waters, rising tides and melting arctic ice.

Is the Earth’s Climate changing?

If so can we adapt to this change?

Sure, we may be able to adapt but in order for us to adapt, everything around us needs to be able to adapt as well.

Will the crops we grow be able to adapt?

Will the fish we eat be able to adapt in changing waters?

Will our farms be able to survive long periods without rain?

These are just some of the questions that need to be answered. Sadly, this change is unfolding right before our very own eyes whether we like it or not and it is up to us to take control and really slow down this change or put a plan in place to get the world ready for this change. We depend on our agriculture to survive and thrive and it is great that we are now starting to collect seeds and store them in seed banks. But, we need proper processes in place and actions that we can take right now that will make a huge impact even decades from now.

So here is a list of things we can take action on right now.

Reduce Vehicle Emissions

  • Car share if possible
  • Use public transport whenever available
  • Walk, scooter, cycle, rollerblade and skateboard for short trips.

Question the carbon footprint produced when you shop

  • Buy local whenever possible to ensure energy from transport and storage is at a minimum
  • Is the product made with sustainable biodegradable material?
  • Develop a love for buying second hand items to ensure they don’t end up at waste sites.

Reduce Energy use within our homes

  • Use LED globes that save energy and do not require to be changed often
  • Turn of power at the main switch when not in use
  • Use smart insulation ideas to reduce your heating and cooling
  • Dress smart at home during seasons
  • Use a timer when taking a shower
  • Make the switch to green energy

Reuse, Recycle and Reduce

  • Recycle as much household rubbish as possible by making use of council recycling methods
  • Compost any organic material and food scraps
  • Buy from op shops and charities rather than new
  • Reuse dirty water for the gardens

Educate the youth

  • Create a heathy habit and get them involved in these tips
  • Share information and explain why we need to care for the environment
  • Reach out to influential groups such as schools and clubs


Make environmentally friendly choices

  • Don’t smoke.
  • Use rainwater tanks
  • Install solar power panels
  • Upgrade to energy efficient household appliances

By making some smart choices and taking some of the actions above immediately. We can collectively build a habit in which this will be the new norm and educate the future generations to do the same as well. If we do this, we can slowly begin to see the greater benefits in the fight against climate change.